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day 18


PSALM 24:3-4 (NASB)
Who may ascend into the hill of the Lord? And who may stand in His holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart, Who has not lifted up his soul to falsehood And has not sworn deceitfully.

daily devotional

There is a passage in the scriptures that culturally, was more than likely considered scandalous.We find the story in the book of Luke involving a reputable religious man, a sinful woman of ill repute, and Jesus. Upon learning that Jesus would be at this house, she made her way inside carrying a special jar of perfume. Scripture is silent for details, but one can imagine the hush that fell over the crowd when she walked in; after all, people know of her promiscuity. Was she judged, ridiculed, called out? Again, we aren’t sure of the whispering or the slanderous statements that imaginably could have been made but what we do know is her posture. Scripture says she stood behind Jesus, but then cried at His feet. She bent down and began to wet his feet with her tears, she cried so hard. It’s then she began to wipe Jesus’ feet with her hair, kissing them and pouring her perfume upon them.

Again, there isn’t a strong enough way to emphasize the scandalous nature of this moment.

How dare this sinful woman enter into the house of this righteous man?

How dare she embarrass the host of this house in so many cultural ways?

How unimaginable that any Jewish Rabbi of good report, allows such an act?

No matter the weight of the moment for the crowd, it could not begin to compare to the weight of the moment for this woman.

Culturally, many things are happening in this act of humility. 

  1. She is welcoming Jesus as He should have been welcomed upon His arrival with one major difference. She didn’t use the ceremonial welcoming pot with the washing water. She used something of great value. She chose something with great sacrifice. She used her incredibly expensive perfume. Chances are, this could have been the very perfume she once had used to entice clients, but now, she is pouring it out on what is considered the dirtiest part of a person, the feet of Jesus, signifying that there is nothing of value more than being at His feet and there is nothing so valuable she wasn’t willing to hold back. 

  2. In deep humility, she finds herself washing the feet of Jesus with the tears of her brokenness, but also her gratitude. She recognizes who Jesus is, and is recognizing in public her desire to just be in His presence, no matter the societal price it may cost her. 

  3. A woman’s hair, in this culture, was known as her glory; and here she is, wiping the feet of Jesus with her glory as to say that anything remotely considered glorious about herself could never compare to His glory.

This beautiful story points out so many beautiful things about true worship. 

First, Jesus desires us to come as we are.

No matter what Simon may have thought in his religious zeal, as a Pharisee, Jesus quickly pointed out the flaw in his thinking and action. This reveals to us that Jesus is more concerned with the posture of our heart more than the perspective of humanity.

Simon had a stellar reputation.

This woman? She was a woman of the streets. 

Simon, more than likely, knew all the right things to say and do.This woman approached Jesus unconventionally, yet in humility.

Simon had his religious ways and most likely thought he had need of nothing.

This woman had nothing to offer but offered her everything. 

Simon had the proud outward expression of his faith.This woman had a deep inward understanding of her need for forgiveness.

What does Jesus desire?

Clean hands and pure hearts.


This woman revealed to us an incredibly beautiful, sacrificial, obedient, and humble expression of pure, unbridled worship. She came to Jesus as she was, but she left forever forgiven & completely changed.She pursued the presence of Jesus, and in a moment, left completely different than she came.One can only wonder if Simon’s heart was changed by witnessing such a moment? 

How will we leave this moment that we have now witnessed?

“True worship is obedience to God for no other reason than that you delight in God.”

- J. D. Greear

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