What to expect:

  • We are excited to announce plans to begin meeting in person Sunday August 30th at Snyder Elementary. We are planning a phased reopening which is laid out below. We realize that it may take some time for everyone to feel comfortable gathering in person again and that’s okay. We will continue to offer a high quality, engaging online worship experience for those that choose to continue worshipping at home.

  • Phase 1 (August 30th) A single service at 9:30am. There will be no other ministry programming in person on Sundays. All small groups, Student, and Dream Team Events can meet in person if they feel comfortable.

  • Phase 2 (Tentatively: September 13th) Pre-k, K-4, 5/6, and Youth Ministries will be added during Sunday morning services.

  • Phase 3 (TBD) will include adding the 11:00am service.

Please remember as we begin this process there may be some flexibility required dependent on local policy, or developments.

  • Face masks, building sanitation, and other PPE: We have purchased hospital-grade sanitation equipment and will take every precaution to clean and disinfect our facility before, during, and after all services. The school district will be disinfecting with a mist after each event as well. Hand sanitizing stations placed throughout the building and masks will be available at the connect center if you desire but they will not be required. We will humbly ask everyone to practice “Restaurant Rules” until otherwise noted. That means we ask you to use face masks when entering the building and walking around, but when you are seated for worship, you can remove the masks. There will also be a wristband system implemented (wristbands will be provided) in order to let others, know your level of personal engagement / comfort. Again, this is a no judgement, only love and unity zone!

  • Declaration Kids: We are a church that places a high priority on the safety of our next generation. As stated previously, there will be no Declaration Kids or Pre-K ministries meeting on Sundays until Phase 2. Once we do phase in kids ministry programing, all children will have their temperatures taken at check-in. We have purchased face coverings, and they are available for volunteers, and kids if requested. We will be taking steps in order to help put our kids at ease as much as possible. Until this phase, Declaration Church will provide activity packs in order to help make our meeting time as relaxed and distraction free as possible for Parents. With all this said, we deeply value our kiddos and welcome them with open arms into our times of corporate worship together! Dad & Mom – don’t worry about your kiddo if they are a little louder! That’s ok! After months of isolation, we welcome their energy! ... And I bet God will love it as well!

  • Social Distancing: We will do our best to follow social distancing protocols and ask you to help us as we do so. Our section hosts will be there to help answer any questions and will ask you to keep at least 1-2 chairs between households. While we recommend limiting handshakes and hugs, we will not judge and ask that you do not as well.

Check out this video for all info:

We can't wait to see you all soon!