THE LAND   

It was January 2018 when Pastor John shared what the leadership believed to be God's vision for Declaration's future. In that series called 'Dream Again', Pastor John prophesied that we'd possess God's promised land for Declaration by 2020, even though there was no plan and no knowledge of where that land could be. Through extraordinary God activity, we took possession of 113 acres over 2 tracks of land by Dec 20 of 2019!

In December of 2020, we celebrated God's faithfulness and your commitment to generosity by consecrating the land God has provided to us. We were also blown away by the fact that this land is already halfway paid for, revealing to us that God always provides for His plans!

We believe this land will not only host the presence of God but also
help many more people encounter and follow Jesus, for generations to come.

We continue in faith, with great expectancy, that God is doing something incredible in our midst and are so humbled to be a part of it together.