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day 09


PSALM 130:5 (NASB)
I wait for the Lord, my soul does wait, …
And in His word do I hope.

daily devotional

In the beginning, it was God’s word that created all things in 6 days.

In the Garden of Eden, it was God’s voice that visited Adam and Eve in the cool of the day.

On the cross, the Word of God known as Jesus, finished everything necessary for us to be redeemed back to God.


God’s voice and His word are the focal point of our existence.


Our souls were created by God to hear, recognize, and intimately know His word. 

Jesus, Himself, tells us that His sheep know His voice and will follow it because we recognize it.


How often do we think about how amazing it would be to have a few minutes to talk with a celebrity, athlete, politician, or governmental leader? Yet, the Creator of the entire universe literally places His Presence and therefore His voice & words, inside of us & asks us to converse with him without ceasing.


I wonder if it seems we don’t hear Him because of the priority that all the other voices get in our lives.

I wonder if we allowed, even a fraction of the time that we give to listening to all the other “voices” of this world, to hear God’s voice, if we would not only hear Him, but hear Him clearly with zero doubt.


Is it possible that God is not “hiding” His voice from us, but rather He’s hiding to be found by us?


What if God requires us to wait on Him so that we value His voice?

What if God sits in the hiding so that our chase of Him is completely personal and intimate?

What if our waiting on God is more about the development of relationship than it is about being patient or His timing?


How would it change our walk with God if we began to look at waiting on God as the avenue for our pursuit of Him and His way of pursuing us?  Would we begin to look forward to, long for, or even crave the waiting?


We wait upon the Lord because He alone is worthy of our time.

We wait upon the Lord because He alone is worthy of our energy.

We wait upon the Lord because He alone is worthy of our affection.

We were created to hear His word.

We are sustained by His word.

Life is found only in His word.


One word from the Lord is worth every moment of waiting. Let us wait upon the Lord for His word...

“We shall not grow weary of waiting upon God
if we remember how long and how graciously He once waited for us.”

- Charles H. Spurgeon

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