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day 15


Pray, then, in this way: ‘Our Father who is in heaven, Hallowed be Your name "Your kingdom come.Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven.“

daily devotional

What would it look like if we truly prayed this way before the beginning of every day? What would it look like if we shared a prayer rhythm like that of many religions in the world, and stopped normal life multiple times daily, to pray in this manner?

Imagine it … no less than 4 times throughout the day, stopping to pray:

God, worthy is Your name above EVERY and ALL names.

God, may Your name be exalted above every name, including my name!

May Your kingdom come. Jesus, may Your kingdom be advanced!

May we be about only You, and Your kingdom, Jesus.

May Your will be done … not ours.

How would a heart postured by prayer in this way impact daily decisions?

How would praying like this affect our relationships, our habits, our thoughts, and our lives? 

If we believe God is truly worthy of our affection, attention, allegiance, and adoration; what is stopping us from having this type of communion and prayer rhythm with Him? 

How do you think praying about His will & His way would impact our obedience to His will & His way?

We can rest assured that God’s will, and God’s way, for our lives and our family will be for the best.We can also rest assured that living in alignment with God’s kingdom will be far greater than any kingdom we could build for ourselves. 

No matter what He asks, no matter what it costs, His will for our lives will be the most abundant, satisfying life we could ever live. If we want to live a life where we have the privilege and opportunity to encounter and behold His glory, and if we want to live a life of deep impact; it will only be found in living willingly surrendered and obedient lives to His will and to His ways.

It’s walking in His ways and will, living obedient to His plan, is where we realize the boldness of His power and where we discover our greatest sense of purpose.

“If you look up into His face and say, ‘Yes, Lord, whatever it costs,’ at that moment He'll flood your Life with His presence and power.”

- Alan Redpath

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